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Why eBooks?

eBooks are the easiest way to become a published author.  eBooks are the easiest way for an author to keep %100 percent of the revenue from his books.

Why “Automated eBooks”?

As technology advances there are more and more ways to create and eBook business.  We believe that the process of automating and creating your eBook business should be simplified to every extent possible.  Here are the issues at hand.

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Automated eBook creation:

Including pictures, videos, and sounds in your eBook should be so easy that it requires virtually 0 learning curve.  Most available eBook software requires learning html, and having seperate storage space for your eBook.  When many people watch the videos on your eBook at one time your bandwidth will spike and your server could go down.

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The creation process should not distract you from moving forward in your marketing and other efforts.

Integration and Security

Unfortunately the type of eBook creation software you use may limit you in other aras of your ebook – security, marketing, delivery etc…  Our preferred solution is the only solution that integrates all the eBook issues into one easy to use package.

Automated eBook delivery:

eBook delivery may not seem to be an issue at first.  After all you can spend the time to manually send out your ebooks.  However, when clients do not receive instant access to the eBook they can get antsy VERY FAST.  I have had clients call in and cancel if they don’t get their ebook instantly.  There is of course an advantage to being able to advertise your eBook as “granting instant access.”  If you are serious about about your business you will enjoy relaxing and knowing that all your ebooks are delivered immediatley.  Our recommended solution grants instant access to our customers.

The “second best” (perhaps the only other solution for automatically delivering secure ebook) solution is hosted by one shopping cart.  They have a solution that is integrated with a little effort into your payment system.  The downside… $100/month.  Whether you are sending 1 or 100 books a month, you will be paying an additional $100 every month.  This may be fine if you are already selling 300 or more eBooks per month, but the fees can really add up.

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Automated eBook marketing:

Effective marketing is what will bring the money in.  If you are an advanced marketer you need the versatility of creating your won website to market your site.  If you are a beginner you need the simplicity of being able to have a “location” or website where your book is marketed, without having to go through an extensive learning curve.  Our recomended automated eBook solution provides both of these solutions.  If you have no experience you can write a description of your book and we will automatically create a sales website, and book brochure for you.  If you would rather create your own you can easily do that as well.

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Automated eBook affiliate program:

OK. You should know that many profitable eBooks are not sold by their authors.  They create “affiliate programs” so that other marketers with simlilar websites can sell their product and amke an agreed upon percentage.  This is very common and highly profitable.  Many ebooks make as much a 90% of their profits from affilaite partners.  This is very simliar to having your book in many bookstores instead of having to go out and sell the book yourself.

Other eBook programs will force you to go to a thrid party vendor such as “clickbank.”  The problem with this solution is that it will require another fee and going through the acceptance process of that particular program.  Then your website will have to meet their standards etc…  Perhaps the words is that amount per transaction that you are charged.  My first eBook I used Paypal.  When I switched to a popular affiliate program I had to learn their system but I was charged about $500 more in fees each month!

This can be a fine solution despite some of the hoops and charges you have to jump through.  We have found that our preferred solution is an advantage because the affiliate program is built into the system.  When you crate the eBook, affiliates can easiliy signup for your program and begin selling your eBook at the agreed upon percentage that you designate.  The fees are much lower than Clickbank and other options, and the solution is completely headache free.

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Automated eBook security:

The last thing that you want to do after putting days if not months or years into writing your eBook, is to have some hacker handout your product like candy.  eBook security must be considered by any publisher who is serious about protecting his work.

As soon as you create your eBook the creation will service as legal proof as you right to your own copyright.  Here are a few other issues to consider.

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You may want to consider limiting printing or “copy and paste” or even print screen capabilities of your reader.  Effective eBook software should allow you to place limitation on these features as you see fit.  PDF style eBooks can be uploaded to the internet and offered as a free for all download.

You need to find a solution that limits free for all distribution of your product.  Our suggested solution provides password protected access to your eBook.  This access is monitored and protected from dual logins.  For example if one of your customers distributes their particular access code the system will automatically detet that more than one person is using the software.  This is the only system that is monitored live by a real person.  Accounts with suspicious activity are give a new access code so that any disstrivuted codes are nullified.

The Difference between eBook Master and other “automated ebook” systems.

If you have never looked for the perfect eBook software to run your business you may not know exactly how great this product is. Let me explain:

NO other product offers a full suite of services: delivery, creation, marketing, affiliate program all in one simple to use program.

You would need to buy each on of these services separately. EBook software, which will require you to learn HTML coding to do the same functions will cost you well over $150 dollars, and will take you at least a week to learn how to use the software.

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Once you have your eBook created there are services available to deliver your eBook automatically. One Shopping Cart charges $100/month. PER MONTH! Just to deliver your eBook automatically.

Now if you want a website your would be on your own. You can have someone create a site for you, or get your own host and create your own site. This will cost you anywhere from $100 – $3,000 dollars.

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If you want to put your ebook in an affiliate program you can use services such as Clickbank. Clickbank charges a one time $50 fee plus $3 per transaction. Not only that but you have to integrate Clickbank into your website and learn a whole new system. Our affiliate program is completely automatic. That means that with 0 extra effort you will have an affiliate program so that others can have an incentive to sell your book.

Quite simply, if you want to start a successful eBook business, you have come to the right place. We have worked with highly successful eBook marketers to provide the ultimate suite of services so that the inexperienced and seasoned marketer alike can begin making a significant stream of income.

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